The past few months have been a whirlwind for us in terms of everyday life. We've packed...again. Meaning, we've moved...again.

We are in transition as we find more permanent living arrangements in Auburn.

Here's a little something that I wrote on my private blog that sums up my heart:

"We enjoyed hearing a refreshing dose of The Good News on Easter Sunday. Our life has so many uncertainties right now. It has thrown us back in forth in terms of our life situations. I feel as though I shouldn't complain since no one I know has cancer or is in the military, but truth be told, this is hard. We are in a tough, uncertain spot right now. But thankfully, He understands the hardship because He orchestrated this journey. Even though no one has cancer or is in the battle ground overseas, my sinful heart can be cancerous, and I am fighting a spiritual battle everyday. Life is still hard, but I can still go to Him for comfort, for He is victorious. Every time. Every day. Hallelujah."

John Henry, Easter week 2014 

We look forward to having more "regular" everyday life, if that ever comes. And I told myself that I will not take for granted the mundane days and duties that regular life brings. They are a blessing that many of us long for. 

To be continued....

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