We survived the Birmingham Snowpocalypse of 2014. Andrew's 20 minute commute to work took 4 hours. And that's one of the best scenarios I've heard all week. We were fortunate and didn't even know how so.

I would go into all of the unbelievable stories that I've heard, but I don't think you need a recap from "Whitney, news anchor." Just know it was bad, and we are warm in our home with wine.

Snowpocalyse was pretty from the inside. We don't have any "playing in the snow pics" because we don't do that. We'll go to Beaver Creek if we want to play in the snow. With snow gear. 

Moving on. 

During the last few months, I've had to say "no" to some events that I wouldn't have minded participating in. It's not like me to say "no." I like to be in many groups, bible studies etc. I like to fill up my day. But while John Henry was still wanted a morning nap and those events would have conflicted with his "schedule", I decided it was best to take a time out. 

It was important for me to be at home. 

While he is 17 months now and still wanting a morning nap most days, I felt like it was time that we could start to do a little more. He started "school" one day a week, I went back to bible studies, and story times. 

I think we go through many different seasons, so each one won't look the same. I like to gauge what I can take on and what I can not through the lens of motherhood. 

And I can not take on playing in the snow. 

Fortunately, it's all melted. Moving on to a new season...

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