Praying for our country...exciting stuff

Andrew and I watched the movie, Mitt a few days ago.

Ah, what could have been...

It is so interesting to see inside the campaign trail. And while it was a great documentary, it left me feeling defeated with them and their campaign. So much so, that I told Andrew, "Never do this to me. Never run for office." What a shame, since Andrew would honestly be a great man for public service. (Notice the word service).

So while I forbid my fully capable, service-minded, well-liked, patriot of a husband to run for office, I felt as though I needed to do something. 

I texted my patriot-friend, Dorothy, and said, "Let's pray." We decided to pray everyday at the same time for our country.  She's on Eastern time, so she prays at 12:30 pm everyday, and I pray at 11:30 am. We set a timer on our phones, and say a simple minute prayer together, but apart. 

I swore I would do this years ago, but the intent faded. 

Seeing this documentary has put my hope in Him again for the future of our great nation. 

And as I was thumbing through the books at the thrift store, I came across a prayer book for our country. The $0.99 was worth it.

I was so excited that I told Andrew what I had found and to my delight, "No one has even written in it!"

Sarcastically, he responds, "I have no idea why..." 

Well their loss is my gain. And apparently yours too if our country turns around due to prayer journaling! Kidding. 

So if you have the want, pray with us at lunchtime. 

The website that corresponds with the book is here. And here is the prayer wall if you want to say the prayers that others wrote. 

I love our country. I pray it can be used for His glory.

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